Pools and Hot Tubs

Pool and Hot Tub Services

Servicing Ocean Beach, Seaview, Ocean Bay Park, Summer Club, Corneille Estates, and Robins Rest

Fire Islanders love water…isn’t that why we choose to be so near the ocean?  Water has a natural way of instilling a sense of calm and joy.  Having a back yard pool or hot tub in your background ensures you can surround yourself by welcoming water at almost every occasion.  New technology has made running a pool and hot tub systems more sophisticated.  We understand the value of your equipment, so our technicians maintain your pools and hot tubs meticulously to ensure your investment is cared for correctly.  Fire Island Plumbing Co. wants to provide our customers with exceptional service for their safety, and so they can enjoy their aquatic amenities without interruption.


• Pool and Hot Tub Service and Maintenance

• Fresh water and salt water pools

• Cleaning, balancing, opening, and closings

• Residential and commercial service for rental homes

Pool and Hot Tub Testing on Fire Island