Spring tease

We had warmer temperatures last week and it was a pleasure to stroll the walkways of Ocean Beach.  Everyone you passed had a smile, because the enjoyable weather made the island even more beautiful.  The idea of summer and not needing a winter coat anymore warmed our core and spirits.  However, mother nature was playing a cruel joke and inflicted us with some bitter cold again this week.  Spring is such a tease!  You can have a few days of warmer weather making you feel winter is behind us, and then wham… you wake up to a spanking of freezing wind, snow flurries, and possibly frozen pipes. If you turned on your outdoor a little bit too early and suspect that your pipes have frozen our team here at Fire Island Plumbing can help.   We can diagnose frozen lines, thaw them if necessary, and repair leaks or breaks to prevent damage to your living space.   We work here on the island year round, so we want spring to arrive just as much as you do.  Our company is here to provide you with quality service in every season though.  Thank you for choosing us.  We appreciate your business!