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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

The stormy seasons and the ocean and sand did an amazing job of beautifying this piece of driftwood.   Some things get better with age and wear…a bottle of wine, a pair of jeans, beach glass, or a teak bench.  Weathered, distressed…I prefer the term “beautifully aged” (especially when referring to myself.)  Weathering wears away exposed surfaces over time, and sometimes the result can be surprisingly  stunning.  The same elements creating beauty also cause extreme duress to our home structures and plumbing.   Nobody wants to be without basic necessities and their creature comforts.  Fire Island Plumbing understands you want to enjoy your time here at the beach without disruption.  We have been busy turning-on homes this past month, but we will start cleaning up winter’s untidiness and begin diving into repairs and installations next week.  Mother nature is throwing some nicer weather our way, and we know you are looking forward to coming back to the beach.  We miss you too.