Tumbleweed Tuesday

The Tuesday after Labor day has been long been proclaimed as Tumbleweed Tuesday here in Ocean Beach.  This has been the same case in the Hamptons, Montauk, and most of the Northeast seaside towns and villages from Cape Cod to the Jersey Shore.  The end of summer brings uncrowded beaches and deserted walkways in town except for a few deer, wandering visitors and locals.  Storefronts run their final season sales and prepare to close up till Spring.  As we approach the first days of Autumn, Fire Island magically transforms back into the intimate seaside community where some locals were born and raised that is barely visible in the summer.  In the months of September and October, as the mainlanders return to their fast-paced, over scheduled lives and concrete world, we are still here enjoying the empty beaches, the warm water from summer's heat, warm days and cool nights, the best sunrises and fiery sunsets, and the natural beauty of Fire Island.  Our staff truly cares about the success, longevity, and integrity of our company, because we love working on this amazingly picturesque island that has become our second home.

Spring Tease

We had warmer temperatures last week, and it was a pleasure to stroll the walkways of Ocean Beach.  Everyone you passed had a smile, because the enjoyable weather made the island even more beautiful.  The idea of summer and not needing a winter coat anymore warmed our core and spirits.  However, mother nature was playing a cruel joke and inflicted us with some bitter cold again this week.  Spring is such a tease!  You can have a few days of warmer weather making you feel winter is behind us, and then wham... you wake up to a spanking of freezing wind, snow flurries, and possibly frozen pipes. If you turned on your outdoor water a little bit too early and suspect that your pipes may have frozen our team here at Fire Island Plumbing can help.   We can diagnose frozen lines, thaw them if necessary, and repair leaks or breaks to prevent damage to your living space.   We work here on the island year round, so we want spring to arrive just as much as you do.  Our company is here to provide you with quality service in every season though.  Thank you for choosing us.  We appreciate your business!

Looking forward to Spring

Spring will be here soon enough.  Start planning  when you would like to open your Fire Island home.  You can now request an opening date on our website, and you will receive a email confirmation. Please reach out to us with an questions, concerns, or special requests.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

The stormy seasons and the ocean and sand did an amazing job of beautifying this piece of driftwood.   Some things get better with age and wear...a bottle of wine, a pair of jeans, beach glass, or a teak bench.  Weathered, distressed...I prefer the term "beautifully aged" (especially when referring to myself.)  Weathering wears away exposed surfaces over time, and sometimes the result can be surprisingly  stunning.  The same elements creating beauty also cause extreme duress to our home structures and plumbing.   Nobody wants to be without basic necessities and their creature comforts.  Fire Island Plumbing understands you want to enjoy your time here at the beach without disruption.  We have been busy turning-on homes this past month, but we will start cleaning up winter's untidiness and begin diving into repairs and installations next week.  Mother nature is throwing some nicer weather our way, and we know you are looking forward to coming back to the beach.  We miss you too.