The Tuesday after Labor day has been long been proclaimed as Tumbleweed Tuesday here in Ocean Beach.  This has been the same case in the Hamptons, Montauk, and most of the Northeast seaside towns and villages from Cape Cod to the Jersey Shore.  The end of summer brings uncrowded beaches and deserted walkways in town except for a few deer, wandering visitors and locals.  Storefronts run their final season sales and prepare to close up till Spring.  As we approach the first days of Autumn, Fire Island magically transforms back into the intimate seaside community where some locals were born and raised that is barely visible in the summer.  In the months of September and October, as the mainlanders return to their fast-paced, over scheduled lives and concrete world, we are still here enjoying the empty beaches, the warm water from summer’s heat, warm days and cool nights, the best sunrises and fiery sunsets, and the natural beauty of Fire Island.  Our staff truly cares about the success, longevity, and integrity of our company, because we love working on this amazingly picturesque island that has become our second home.